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I am Joey van Groningen, I am a Web Developer & Graphic Designer with 2 Years of Experience

I'm very studious. I always want to learn more and new things, sometimes i'm to eager to learn more things though. I have a habbit of wanting to learn to many things at the same time. I take allot of pride in my work and i am a bit of a perfectionist. So every project i take on will be as perfect as it can be.

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Web Development

I learned Web developing a few months ago, yet there are more than a dozen websites online right now that i made or worked on. There is nothing i can't make or can't learn. You dream of something? i realize it for you. Send me a message for more information on what i can do for your Website!

Graphic Design

Graphic Designing is the thing i'm doing for the longest, and it's something i enjoy doing every day & will enjoy for the rest of my life. I can make anything for you from scratch or from an example you think looks good. Send me a message for more information on what i can do for your Graphic Design!

Video Editting

Video Editting will take allot of time before you have that perfect video, but trust me, it will be all worth it in the end. From neon effects to simpel transitions and logo/text reveals i do it all. Send me a message for more information on what i can do for your Video!

Social Media

Social Media (content creation) is in my opinion one of the best things to do. It is very satisfying to see a feed come togheter the way you designed it. I will design the best feed for you, no matter what style you were using before. Send me a message for more information on what i can do for your Social Media!


Are you an Artist that has trouble getting your name out? I can help you with that. I'm using instagram since it came out and let me tell you, it is THE app to let the world know who you are. But thats not the only way i'll be able to help. Send me a message for more information on what i can do for your Brand!

Daily Support

If support is all you need, i'm your guy. I'm atleast 16 hours available a day. Sent me an text message and i'll reply almost always instantly. I don't charge for simpel tips, so don't hesitate to text me! I'm glad to help in anyway that i can. Scroll down below for my information and let me know how i can help!


  • TEMT

    Temt is a company that is a follow-up from Maxey Design, there were some things we could do better and things we didn't do at all that we should do from te beginning. It is a clean slate, a start over. This time, we will do it right from the beginning!

  • Maxey Design

    I had a fun time while being part of Maxey Design, it is where i learned most of the skills i have today. I'm one of the founders and owner of the company. Due to personal reasons we all decided to end our partnership in 2019.

  • Firstnoise

    Firstnoise is a company with multiple branches (Events, Bookings & Creative). I mostly worked for Events by designing most of their flyers, banners & gifs.

  • Samsung - Exchange Team

    As an Exchange Team member u had the job to process all broken devices, and had to make sure it was exchanged for the same or newer model. I had allot of fun on this team and made some life long friends. But after almost a year i decided it was time to go, i wanted to do something different.

  • Teleperformance Benelux - Samsung Project

    I worked as helpdesk operator and helped clients with their problems. I didn't do this for long tho, it wasn't really something for me. I wanted more freedom, something u won't get as a helpdesk operator. I quickly exceeded the ranks and had the oppertunity to join Samsung's Exchange Team.



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